30 October 2012

RJ-Laser LightNeedle 300

RJ-Laser LightNeedle 300

The non-invasive laser irradiation of blood is primarily performed with the LightNeedle 300 "mini".

Beside 4x50 mW/655 nm red, the LightNeedle 300 offers as well 2x50 mW/405 nm blue-violett (strong absorption by hemoglobin).

The non-invasive laser irradiation of blood is an ideal systemic therapy, which will supply photon energy directly to the body. Because the non-invasive method can be considered as riskless, it may be used on almost any patient and environment.

Crucial to the success of the therapy is the availability of vessels, so the tongue and back of the knee (poplitea), and possibly the forearm (radial artery) are irradiated.

The non-invasive irradiation of blood offers many advantages to the invasive method:

fast and easy to use


no pain

no risk

pleassant for the patient and therapist

Originally, the therapy has been used for cardiovascular diseases (developed in Russia and introduced for HeNe laser in 1981 by EN Meshalkin and V.S. Sergievskiy).

The tongue and the knee applicator is designed so that the vessels are reached optimally and the patient may place the probe in a pleasant position.

The laser irradiation of blood can be used as a "standard therapy" on any patient. It is recommended for various pathologies, e.g. for

vascular diseases/blood circulation

immune system


chronic liver disease,



general stimulation of the organism.

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